Cardano Stake Pool
in Australia

Managed by experienced web experts 
providing a eco friendly, reliable & 
secure Cardano stake pool.

Ticker: ADAOZ
About the Stake Pool

Ticker: ADAOZ

We pride ourselves on providing a scalable, secure, reliable and low cost Cardano stake pool for the Australian community.

Cloud Infrastructure

Built on Digital Ocean, local Australian cloud servers & Raspberry Pi relays.

90% Power by Renewables

Housed in data centres that strive for sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.


So hard to access even we hate the process.

Low Cost
Variable Fee

> 2M ADA = 0% fee
2M-5M ADA = 1% fee
5M-40M ADA = 2% fee
40M-50M ADA = 3% fee
50M-55M ADA = 4% fee
> 55M ADA = 5% fee

Pool Stats (ADAOZ)

Pool launch date: 20th Feb 2021 10:21:02 PM
Pledge: ₳ - Variable fee: 2% - Fix fee:

Total Stake ₳
Last Epoch ROA %
Total Blocks Minted
Current Rank
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Stake Pool Operators

Meet the Team

It's important to get to know the people behind the Cardano stake pool & build up a trusting relationship. You're depending on us to produce those blocks & be transparent about changes & issues.
Peter Bui - Cardano Stake Pool Operator

Peter Bui

Founder / Stake Pool Operator
Stake pool operator & host of the Learn Cardano Podcast.
Tim Plummer - Trading Bot Developer

Tim Plummer

Trade Bot Developer
Continuously developing our real time automated trading bot.
Hardy Azeez - Client Relations & Onboarding

Hardy Azeez

Client Relations / Onboarding
Onboarding of partners, pool delegates and 


Learn more about Cardano, how it works, how to delegate to a Cardano stake pool and a lot more.
July 21, 2021

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July 19, 2021

How to Stake ADA on CoinSpot

If you're wondering how to stake ADA on CoinSpot, then you've come to the right place. In short, you can't. CoinSpot doesn't allow for staking of Cardano ADA on the Coinspot exchange. For users that are holding ADA on CoinSpot, and you want to earn rewards from holding your ADA, you will need to move […]

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July 19, 2021

MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO)

The MinSwap team have recently announced their token distribution model called, MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering or FISO for short. We mentioned this in episode 16 of the podcast. This model is set around choosing 25 small stake pools on the network to be a part of their distribution process. Each pool will have […]

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Delegate with the Daedalus Wallet

  • Download the Daedalus app
  • Create/select your wallet
  • Select Delegation Centre -> Stake pools
  • Search for our stake pool ticker: ADAOZ
  • Select to delegate
daedalous wallet

Delegate with the Yoroi Wallet

  • Download the Daedalus app
  • Create/select your wallet
  • Select Delegation Centre -> Stake pools
  • Search for our Stake pool ticker: ADAOZ
  • Select to delegate
Yoroi wallet

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