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The Learn Cardano Podcast aims at educating users more about the technical aspects of Cardano in a simple and easy manner so you can explain it to your grand mother. Learn everything about Cardano from how it works as a blockchain, how to earn rewards from staking and much more. The Learn Cardano Podcast is a a podcast created and hosted by Peter Bui.
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EP012 - Easily Increasing Game Development Revenue with Blockchain, Interview with Will to Talk About Novellia SDK

June 15, 2021

Many game developers want to maximise their revenue from game development. Increasing game development revenue with blockchain with one new technique can create secondary marketplaces with non-fungible tokenised items in-game. These items can be wrapped in smart contracts where the original game developers continually retain the original royalties of the sale. Will from Rektangular Studios […]

EP011 - Simple Explanation of Cardano Fees & Inspirational Chat with SPO MermADA

June 8, 2021

This week we look at all the Cardano fees that are involved with using the blockchain. Every Cardano fees from staking fees, registering fees and transfer fees for Cardano. MereADA also joins me on the podcast to talk about her mission-driven pool to save the world's oceans, and we look at her unique branding for […]

EP010 - Cardano Smart Contracts, Alonzo is Coming & Lovelace Academy with Maria Carmo

May 31, 2021

I continue my interview with Maria Carmo this week. We talk about how her project Lovelace Academy got selected in Fund 2 of Project Catalyst to create content and a learning platform for Cardano covering everything from basic content to Cardano smart contracts. Maria explains her experience going through the Project Catalyst process and talks […]

EP009 - How to Stake Cardano (ADA) for Rewards & How Rewards Work

May 26, 2021

Wondering how to stake Cardano? In this episode, we take a step back and do a deep dive into the basic concepts of staking on the Cardano blockchain and understanding how rewards work. After running a Cardano Meetup the other week, it is clear that the idea and concepts around staking are still foreign to […]

EP008 - What is a Cardano Ambassador with Maria Carmo

May 18, 2021

Maria Carmo, a Cardano Ambassador for the project joins me to talk about what an Ambassador is and how she contributes to the Cardano community to bring and raise awareness of the project and its goals. Maria is an educator and teacher with a strong passion for cryptocurrencies and especially Cardano. She aims to onboard […]

EP007 - Confessions on How to Be a Stake Pool Operator with Casey Gibson

May 11, 2021

Casey Gibson joins me on the podcast to talk about how to be a stake pool operator. Setting up a stake pool is relatively easy for anyone with general computer skills when it comes to setting up servers. The harder side is the daily maintenance, updates, security marketing and managing the stake pool. Casey Gibson […]

EP006 - Delegating Your ADA to a Stake Pool & Understanding the Benefits

May 4, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Bas Mons, about the importance of moving your ADA from an exchange and delegating Your ADA to a stake pool. Bas is a stake pool operator from the Netherlands. We touch on some topics and issues that small stake pools have when starting and how delegates can help these […]

EP005 Cryptocurrency Regulation with Jamie Zammitt

April 27, 2021

To get into general mainstream investing, for example, shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), commodities and even property, there are a fair amount of hurdles and Government regulations to get through in order to participate. In countries where proving your identity and asset ownership is even harder due to the lack of documentation, official records or […]

EP004 Non Fungible Tokens on Cardano and Interview with Patrick Tobler from

April 20, 2021

This week we look into the Non-Fungible Token craze that has taken blockchain by storm. I chat with Patrick from who has created an easy way to mint NFTs on Cardano. We touch on copyright issues and his catalyst proposal to take his platform further. News Ethereum hard forks with the Berlin Update. EIP-2565: […]

EP003 - Cardano's Project Catalyst, What is it, How to Contribute & How to Participate

April 13, 2021

This week we look at Project Catalyst and Cardano's on-chain governance and treasury system. What it is and how it works compared to other blockchains. News Updates Plutus Pioneers The Cardano project has launched its Plutus education program where it is taking on a stream of eager developers wanting to get their hands on some […]

EP002 - Chat with Mat from & Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

April 6, 2021

This week we take a look at the difference between Proof of Work that is used on blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and compares that to Proof of Stake which Cardano uses. We also have an interview with an eco-minded stake pool operator from New Zealand name Mat talking about his stake pool, […]

Ep001 - Introducing the Learn Cardano Podcast

March 29, 2021

Yep, another Cardano podcast! Years ago, I use to host and produce the Joomla Beat Podcast, I grew quite a following and the opportunities and community that grew around the podcast was amazing, but after running it for three years, I had to take a break and focus on myself and my business. Over the […]

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