FlickTo ISPO - Unique Media Launchpad Set to Hit #1

December 24, 2021

The FlickTo ISPO or Initial Stake Pool Offering has started to help fund and develop the media launchpad platform for Cardano. You can earn the FLICK token and be able to vote in the process of picking and choosing as a community, which products will get funding and you get to share rewards.

Watch the Interview with Theo and Rob from FlickTo

Theo Bailey and Rob Knight join in on the podcast to talk about the FlickTo launchpad and the FlickTo ISPO event.

What Is FlickTo

FlickTo ISPO
FlickTo ISPO

FlickTo is a launchpad for content creators to launch their own short films or movies via the FlickTo community.

Ideas and pitches are presented to the platform, and community members that hold Flick tokens vote on various ideas that come through the platform. These ideas are then turned into finished products.

Token holders and voters will be able to get exclusive access to screenings, NFT merchandise and much more as the platform evolves.

How to Buy FlickTo Tokens

FlickTo is also having an Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO) via the Kick.io platform, a decentralised launchpad for Cardano based projects.

The first initial IDO will start on the 27th of December 2021 and run through until midday UTC 30th December 2021.

Please refer to the Kick.io website for more information.

How to Participate in the FlickTo ISPO - Initial Stake Pool Offering

Another way to obtain Flick tokens and participate in the ecosystem is to delegate to their FlickTo ISPO stake pool.

Search for the ticker "FLICK" on Daedalus or Yoroi or your favourite Cardano native wallet and you will be able to stake in one of their pools to earn FLICK tokens.

Please note that you will be giving up either 100% or 50% of your ADA rewards in exchange for FLICK tokens.

Learn More and Engage with the Community

Find out more about the project at:

Check out their YouTube Channel where you can meet their team.

Learn about other active ISPOs events that you can delegate to earn ADA tokens or unique project tokens.


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