Genius Yield is an Automated Yield Optimiser Decentralised Exchange

December 22, 2021

With its artificial intelligence and automated liquidity positioning, Genius Yield is a hot ticket item for the world of decentralised finance (DeFi). Using technology to get the best returns possible for users that know very little about DeFi, is a key step to onboarding more and more users to the ecosystem.

What Is Genius Yield?

Genius Yield aims to make the journey of a cryptocurrency speculator as easy as possible with fiat on-ramp and off-ramps, as well as automated and optimised yield options to get the best returns possible from their platform. It is built on Cardano to ensure the most capital efficient trades and have a secure peer-reviewed platform to operate.

What Makes Genius Yield Different?

Genius Yield has key features that make things unique for the platform.

Smart Swaps

Smart Swaps are similar to the order book model found in traditional exchanges. You can immediately swap tokens on the DEX and instantly process your order with other decentralised exchanges as there is always liquidity from the liquidity pools. Still, you will need to do it at the price and execution of when you want. With order book model and programmable validators (smart contracts) in Cardano, you can set the limit order you want to buy and sell at, and you're good to go. It bridges that gap between the user experience in Centralised Exchanges and Decentralised Exchanges built on Cardano.

Concentrated Liquidity

This feature allows Liquidity Providers to allocate cryptocurrency assets in a price range rather than a set value. It is similar to what is available in Uniswap V3. As a result, Liquidity Providers can adjust their exposure and have more opportunities for yield and incur less impermanent loss.

Smart Liquidity Vault

Genius Yield has developed an AI-powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol.

The Smart Liquidity Management protocol actively manages the liquidity pools range orders by automatically and dynamically rebalancing the liquidity positions. Rebalancing is possible as the fees in Cardano are much lower than that of Ethereum, and it is possible to rebalance positions more often and remain profitable.

Genius Yield takes advantage of Concentrated Liquidity with the Smart Liquidity Management protocol to take advantage of the dynamic strategies to balance liquidity on the DEX. It may be the only DeFi project in the industry to do this.

Auto Compounding

Other systems out there require you to withdraw your rewards and input them back into your liquidity pool. With an auto compound, the system does that for you. Each time you make a profit, it adds it back into the system for you to continuously earn more yield by doing nothing. Yield farming rewards are automatically sold and re-added to your pool to earn higher APY, just as a bank would pay you out.

Powerful Genius wallet

Genius Yield brings a smart wallet that allows the onboarding of users onto the platform in various fiat currencies. The onboarding is done by tapping into fiat exchange Changelly. Using this mechanism allows users to exchange fiat directly to ADA, which will be used on the platform.

This seamless experience will help ease the onboarding of users to the ecosystem.

Why Build on Cardano?

Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain that has evolved from more than just a store of value. With its Extended Unspent Transaction Output model, smart contract capabilities, peer-reviewed platform, scalability capabilities and self Governance, it is the ideal platform to build the future of decentralised finance on.

You can learn more about why Cardano is best suited for the world of Decentralised Finance.

Who is on the Team of Genius Yield?

The team is made of some very experience blockchain specialists. One that caught my attention was Dr Lars Brunjes. He works for Input-Output Global and has taught all Cardano Plutus Pioneers how to write smart contracts (programmable validators) for most of 2021.

Many more are on the team, including community managers, marketing managers, blockchain developers and full-stack developers.

How to Participate in the Genius Yield Initial Stake Pool Offering?

How to Stake to Genius Yield Stake Pools for the Initial Stake Pool Offering Using Yoroi

Time 10 minutes

Load Yoroi Browser Extension & Search for "GENIUS"

Search for a Genius Yield Stake Pool

Load your Yoroi Browser Extension wallet.


In the search box, search for "GENIUS". You can also search via the pool ID to verify you are searching for the correct pool.

Choose a Genius Yield Pool

Genius Yield Initial Stake Pool Offering

When writing this article, there are currently four Genius Yield stake pools open names, GENS1, GENS2, GENS3 and GENSX.

GENS1, GENS3 and GENX are set to a 99% fee where all your ADA rewards will be surrendered in exchange for GENS tokens.

Look for a pool on the list with low saturation. A green icon will indicate that the pool isn't saturated.

GENS1 is saturated, and you should not delegate to this pool.

Click the Delegate button to delegate to that stake pool.

Please note that the GENS4 pool that was originally setup had issues where the keys to the pool were locked and therefore no longer able to mint rewards.

Sign the Transaction

Genius Yield, sign the transaction

Once you've clicked 'Delegate', you will need to sign the transaction.

Enter in your "Sending Password" and click 'Delegate'.

Your ADA will not leave your wallet. Instead, it will simply assign your wallet balance to the GENS stake pool that you have chosen.

Delegation Complete

You've delegated to Genius Yield Initial Stake Pool Offering

Once you have signed your transaction, you can go back to the home dashboard of your wallet and review your staking status.

You should see the Stake Pool Delegate with the details of the pool.

You are now set and ready to earn GENS tokens for use on the decentralised exchange when it launches.


  • Cardano native wallet


  • Yoroi desktop browser wallet

Learn More About Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPOs), and learn about various projects offering ISPOs.

What Are the Genius Yield Stake Pools for the Initial Stake Pool Offering?

When writing this article, there are four active stake pools to choose from for staking in the Genius Yield Initial Stake Pool Offering.

All pools are set to a 99% margin fee except for pool GENS2, which is set to 50%. The 50% fee rate indicates that you will still earn half your ADA rewards and half the amount of GENS tokens that a 99% pool will generate.

The pool IDs and tickers are as follows:

GENS1 - pool1cjz6kg9a8ug9uk0nc59q60a67c2628ms58rd98gq587jwa2x5qt
GENS2 - pool1dmpzsnuwxy44ky3dskuhmwpglumy6j0rc5wyfxlu3zym798f79g
GENS3 - pool1zfhcfw8c3lg0vh0fy8h4y8e25cm7ter9e6sxqskpq0lzyy2wzvm
GENS4 - pool1grhujlggx90ln0jcnrey4adckysxdx6rqfmx9s6fnhtc2g0qym0
GENSX - pool1eqxnk8mylmksd9amjlyhseax8lcux09ck3etcvlalfzhuu7qvzp

Please verify these details on the official Genius Yield website.

You can also view the GENS pool group on the website.

How Long Is the Staking Period for Genius Yield?

The Genius Yield ISPO started on December 15th, 2021 (epoch 309) and will end in 36 epochs on June 15th, 2022 (epoch 345). The length of time of the ISPO is six months.

*please note that this has now changed as the tokens have been allocated and will now end mid May 2022.

How Many Tokens Will Be Distributed in the ISPO?

There is a total of 10,000,000 GENS tokens will be distributed in the ISPO event.

There are bonus tokens that will be distributed due to various reasons. Please see official Genius Yield announcements.

When will I receive my GENS rewards?

There are two time periods when the GENS tokens will be distributed.

50% airdropped January 1st, 2023 and another 50% airdropped June 1st 2023.

Bonus Benefits from Staking with Genius Yield?

Genius Yield offers statuses and bonus NFTs for anyone who delegates to their stake pools for a certain amount of time.

If you meet those requirements, you will be eligible for these NFTs and statuses.

34 epoch = 5.7 month, 30 epoch = 5 month, 25 epoch = 4.3 month

The Bonus Reward Program adds an extra 1,000,000 GENS to ISPO rewards!

Depending on how much and how long you delegate, you will get a bonus amount of GENS tokens. First, the GENS weighting factor will be applied to your wallet balance. That weight factor is then run through an equation to determine how much extra GENS you will receive as a boosted delegation.

Other Projects that are Similar to Genius Yield

Many projects integrate AI and yield optimisers in their platforms to make it as easy as possible to get the best yields possible. VyFinance is one such project that we have reviewed in the past and are also quite excited about.

Both Genius Yield and VyFinance bring an element of AI and automation to the entire DeFi experience making it as easy as possible for newcomers to the crypto ecosystem to participate in DeFi and the new finance revolution.

Follow Genius Yield

You can follow them on socials via:


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    1. No. That is a miss conception and super confusing for first time stakers. the 340 fee is what is taken from the total rewards from the entire pool. Not per user.

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