Introducing $LRN Token, Powering Our Learning Management System

January 1, 2022
$LRN Learn token Cardano
$LRN Learn token for Cardano

The $LRN token will power and reward users on our learning management system platform for the Cardano ecosystem. The team at ADAOZ and the Learn Cardano Podcast are all about educating users about Cardano and Cryptocurrencies. With education, users can make better decisions online, stay safe and participate in the financial revolution that a 3rd generation blockchain that Cardano can deliver.

Overview of the Platform

The platform will comprise various courses that will take the users through a journey of Cardano. Users will earn tokens for completing tasks, participating and completing online courses within our platform.

Combining gamification and learning is a great way to motivate users to learn about new concepts, stay safe and secure online and benefit from being within the Cardano ecosystem.

The courses will cover everything from the basics of Cardano, wallets storage and usage, purchasing ADA for the first time, to launching your own NFT projects, speculating on NFT marketplaces and building your own applications on Cardano or running your own stake pool node.

For Users: Earning Project Tokens

There is nothing better than earning for learning. Whether it is applying your learnings in practical or work-related situations or being rewarded in tokens for reaching your goals.

As users progress through the courses that we have on the platform, they will earn $LRN tokens. There are also further opportunities to earn even more.

For courses that are about a particular project that is building on Cardano, for example, a DEX, if the Learn Cardano team have formed an official partnership with that project, then users that have successfully completed the learning material for that project will also be rewarded in that projects particular token, NFT or another arrangement that the projects have agreed upon with the Learn Cardano team.

For Projects: Awareness and Education

For a brand new project, such as a Decentralised Exchange, that wants users and eyeballs on its projects, the learning management system is a great place to launch an online course with a captive audience.

Projects will be able to engage with the Learn Cardano team to create content for their platform or release short courses to engage with our audience and reward them with $LRN tokens and their own project tokens.

Token Utility

Having access to the $LRN token will allow for specific utility on the platform.


Users will be able to participate in voting what courses they would like to see on the platform and which project tokens they may wish to earn.

Users may also submit proposal ideas and contribute to the future of the Learning Management System, courses and overall platform.

Exclusive Content Access

Having the $LRN token within your wallet will unlock members-only content on the website. A special privilege for people that have earned the token.

Access to Webinars

As a part of the learning process, having access to a safe place where you can ask any level of question around a certain topic can help accelerate learning. Token holders will be able to attend online and in-person events.

Ticketed In Person Events

We love running in-person events from Summits and Meetups to educational workshops. The $LRN token can be redeemed for discounts to event ticketing.

Token Distribution

The $LRN token is minted as a version 1 token and is limited to 10,000,000 tokens.

  • 20% public token offerings
  • 50% Courses distributions
  • 15% Team
  • 10% Treasury Operations
  • 5% Advisors

Please note, this may be adjusted from community feedback and consultation.

Token Policy ID: 153be682cc6068445eac2e36a71e364617aa34db90f820685340fe75

Token Ticker: LRN

The token will be converted to a decimal version of the token in the 1st quarter of 2022.

Initial Stake Pool Offering

1,000,000 $LRN tokens have been allocated to the initial stake pool offering.

Users that are staked to the ADAOZ stake pool will earn 3 $LRN tokens per epoch.

Users that are staked to the pools will earn 1 $LRN token per epoch.

The token distribution process will continue until a total of 1,000,000 tokens have been exhausted.


4 comments on “Introducing $LRN Token, Powering Our Learning Management System”

  1. Dear all,

    First of all, thank you for all your great work!

    Secondly, I run an automated online course using wordpress and learndash (plugin). I'm very interested in evolving my website into a cardano-based learn-to-earn online course for my students/subscribers. Will your course kindly cover the process of minting a new token of our own and gamifying that token for the online learning material on a wordpress website?


    1. That is the exact build that we have for our LMS on WordPress. Learn Dash is great. We've integrated our own plugin called Cardano Press to facilitate all that.

      I hadn't planned for that topic but will consider it for businesses and site owners.

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