SundaeSwap ISO Voting Over, What Next

November 17, 2021

SundaeSwap ISO Vote Unofficial Results

Unofficial results are here subject to change and alterations as it wasn't created by the Sundae team.

When to Delegate to Get Sundae Tokens

You can delegate to any pool at the moment and earn ADA. As soon as the official announcement is made, I suspect that would be a good time to move.

Multipools with more than one pool will all be included but that is up to the operator.

When ISO to Get Free Sundae Token Airdrop and When DEX

The ISO and DEX will launch at the same time in a few more weeks. They're waiting for the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) which helps connect the smart contract world to websites and multiple wallets. Sundae has made their own PAB but Yoroi dApp Connector needs the PAB. Audits and improvements are also happening at the moment.

When it launches you can then start staking to an official pool for Sundae tokens. The number of tokens you will get will depend on the amount of ADA in your wallet balance. There is a distribution curve though so whales don't get it all. Staking in an oversaturated pool will affect your ADA rewards but not your Sundae rewards.

How Much Sundae is Being Distributed?

Each epoch 1% of the total public allocation will be distributed and will last for 5 epochs. This means 25 days of distribution and 5% of the public token allocation. It hopefully will be distributed at the end of every epoch.

What Wallets Can I Use?

You can stake with any Cardano native wallet, Yoroi, Daedalus, CCVault, ADALite etc but interacting with the DEX will require a web3 wallet such as Nami or Yoroi with the DApp connector.

If you have all of your wallets on Daedalus, you can actually restore your wallet into Yoroi or Nami wallet to be able to interact with the DEX.

What Can I Swap at Launch?

We can start swapping for either pair. ADA/SUNDAE will be the first trading pair. You will be able to add liquidity to the DEX to earn trading rewards.

What Can I Do Now?

Right now, just sit back and relax. Thank you for voting and subscribing to Twitter notifications for updates.

Congrats to all the SPOs. It's been a tough tough week. We managed position 36, go team ADAOZ. In the top 40.


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