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EP007 - Confessions on How to Be a Stake Pool Operator with Casey Gibson

May 11, 2021

Casey Gibson joins me on the podcast to talk about how to be a stake pool operator.

Setting up a stake pool is relatively easy for anyone with general computer skills when it comes to setting up servers. The harder side is the daily maintenance, updates, security marketing and managing the stake pool. Casey Gibson joins me on the podcast to discuss how to be a stake pool operator and what it takes to become a stake pool operator. He shares his knowledge about various how to be a stake pool operator related terminology and leaves us with his top 5 tips when it comes to operating a pool.


Pool [CRO] Receives Cardano Foundation Delegation and then Loses It

CRO pool increases its variable fee to 99% and a fixed fee of 3400 ADA.

Don't Fall for ADA Scams

There seems to be more and more people falling for scams at the moment. Please remember, never give out your seed phrase, no one will send you ADA if you send them ADA first, if it sounds too good to be true then it is.

ADA Giveaway! There is no such thing as an ADA Giveaway. IOG, Cardano Foundation or any other organisation, will never give away ADA for free.

We've Produced a Block

We have finally produced a block. To celebrate we minted the Learn token. This will eventually be used as the rewards for our learning management system. We distributed it to some lucky people that entered our competition via Twitter. Congrats to those that hold it currently, there will be a buy back at some point in time.

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How to Be a Stake Pool Operator with Casey Gibson

How to Be a Stake Pool Operator
How to Be a Stake Pool Operator

00:35 - Interview start with Casey Gibson
04:05 - When did Casey start his pool
06:14 - Cardano Foundation delegation
07:45 - Casey's Pool & Relay Setup, Submarine cable map.
09:04 - Do relays closer in dense areas such as Europe and the USA make a difference?
10:44 - Is it better to have more than one relay?
11:57 - Cloud service providers, which one is better?
16:55 - Approach to software updates
19:24 - Backups
22:47 - Quickfire questions, what is chain density, how are slots allocated, how to check for your allocated slots.
28:09 - What are slot battles
30:17 - Missing slots, what to do
33:33 - Top 5 tips for Stake Pool operators
39:16 - Visit
44:39 - Contact Casey and learn more about how to be a stake pool operator.

If you prefer to watch the entire interview, you can do so via our YouTube channel.

You can find out more stake and information about our stake pool, ADAOZ, on the home page of our website.


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