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EP008 - What is a Cardano Ambassador with Maria Carmo

May 18, 2021

Maria Carmo, a Cardano Ambassador for the project joins me to talk about what an Ambassador is and how she contributes to the Cardano community to bring and raise awareness of the project and its goals. Maria is an educator and teacher with a strong passion for cryptocurrencies and especially Cardano. She aims to onboard users to space in a safe and educated way so that.


Elon Musk Tweets and Crashes the Markets

I don't often talking about the current price of cryptos on the podcast as in the long term, on a good project, it really doesn't matter, but it is interesting to note, how an announcement from a company and person can have such an affect on the markets.

As the announcement about Tesla no longer accepting Bitcoin for the payment of their cars, the entire market crashed taking Bitcoins lead. It was very interesting to see what wasn't moving during this time. Two staking protocols, Cardano and Polkadot.

Why didn't ADA crash like the other cryptocurrencies?

Out of all the ADA in circulation, 32,462,461,480, approximately 23,000,000,000 or 70% is being staked on various stake pools in private wallets or locked up on contract staking on exchanges. This means that if the market crashes, all of this staked and locked up ADA on exchanges is just that little harder to move and isn't being traded by bots or have stop-loss orders set to sell on these exchanges.

Furthermore, many stake pool operators such as ourselves have orders set to buy these market crashes to increase our holdings and take advantage of the market's dips. It keeps the price high. Anyone wanting to get into the market right now would have to pay a lot more to get started.

Lastly, many other traders saw the performance of ADA as the markets crashed, with ADA moving very little and upwards instead of downwards. To hedge losses in other markets, selling their current holdings at a stop loss and moving it into something that is still moving upwards is a good way to cover losses.

Our Pool Updates

We've locked in a deal with a delegate. They'll be benefitting from the pool in multiple ways including access to our algorithmic trading bot.

The trading bot is something we are also looking at offering to external investors, which will give a very good return on their investment. It is something that the team has been working on for 4 years, we haven't just cooked this up overnight. If you'd like to find out more, please go to and fill out our expression of interest form.

We also received notification that we will be receiving the Input-Output Global's delegation for this round. It means we will be getting 3.2M ADA delegated and assigned to our pool bringing us up to approximately 9.2M ADA delegated to the pool.

In further good news, we've minted another block.

Maria Carmo, Cardano Ambassador, Talks About Her Mission and What an Ambassador Is?

There are four different types of Cardano Ambassador roles that one could be:

  • Content creator
  • Meetup Organiser
  • Moderator
  • Translator

If you want to learn more about becoming an Ambassador, read up on the article that explains in full detail how to become a Cardano Ambassador on the Cardano Foundation website.

You can also watch the interview on your YouTube Channel

You can find out more about Maria and her contributions to the community:


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