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EP014 - Understanding Cardano Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and Interview with Long from MinSwap

June 29, 2021

I look into a Cardano Decentralised Exchange, or cryptocurrency exchange, in this podcast episode and how they differ from centralised cryptocurrency exchanges. Long Nguyen from MinSwap joins me to discuss the Cardano decentralised exchange platform building on the Cardano blockchain. So if you ever wanted to understand what a decentralised exchange is and how to use it, this is the episode for you.


China Ban

The Chinese Government ban Bitcoin mining and sends the hashrate power of the cryptocurrency downwards causing also a drop in the price of Bitcoin.

Charles On Lex Fridman Podcast

Orion Protocol

The Orion Protocol is an interesting new decentralised trading platform that is chain agnostic, that is it doesn't matter what chain the token is on that you are trading. As long as the platform supports it, you will be able to trade it depending on the amount of liquidity for trading.

It is quite an interesting platform and Orion are looking at integrating Cardano natively to their trading terminal platform. This will allow for a huge update in different token trading pairs on Cardano.

Cardano Summit 2021 Registration

The summit registration for 2021 is open, https://summit.cardano.org/, and you can now register your interest and receive the latest news, updates and relevant content around the event as it comes up.

We should see this major event after the release of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano Summit 2021 is coming.

We're excited about the event and hope to have a mini event here on the Gold Coast.

Cardano Decentralised Exchange vs Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are many functions that need to be understood when working with centralised and decentralised exchanges. Once you understand the fundamentals and basis, you can see the benefits of either exchange type.

Interview with Long Nguyen from MinSwap, Cardano Decentralised Exchange

This is the demonstration of the MinSwap platform that has been built by Long and the MinSwap team.

Here you can see how the interaction between the Cardano blockchain occurs while Long is interacting with the frontend of the website.

Watch the full interview with Long on our YouTube Channel.


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