EP027 - Amazing Cardano Summit 2021 Overview

October 5, 2021

The Cardano Summit just finished and there were many partnerships that were announced across the two days of the Summit. You can review and watch all of the announcements and videos on the Cardano Summit 2021 website or on the IOG YouTube Channel.

The Cardano Summit 2021 Virtual World

Cardano Summit 2021
Cardano Summit 2021

One of the highlights for the Cardano Summit 2021 was the virtual world that was built for thousands of people to join that couldn't attend in person at one of the major and minor locations.

The online world was a giant virtual turtle where attendees gathered as characters in this virtual space. Attendees could interact with one another, watch one of the 7 live streams and wander around the world gathering virtual goals to be able to be one of a thousand to possibly get a Cardano Summit 2021 NFT.

The online world has been switch off now so if you didn't collect the goals in the virtual world, you won't be able to be in for a chance to win one of the NFTs.

Cardano Partners with Veritree at the Cardano Summit 2021

Veritree is a land restoration and tree planting verification company that records and secures its records on the blockchain.

As a part of the partnership, to celebrate, Cardano and Veritree launched a global Cardano Impact Challenge that invited the community to make donations to veritree by making ADA payments. For at least 15 ADA pledges to the campaign, the donator will receive 15 veritree tokens that can be redeemed for a tree planting certificate with the actual details of the tree planed in 2022.

Not only is this is a great initiative for being able to track the restoration of forest areas, but it also shows a good use case of the Cardano blockchain for farming and possible supply chain solutions. To be able to identify crops that have been planted and harvest, customers can identify the specific details about what they are consuming.

1 million trees to offset the Cardano blockchain for the next 5 years.

They're in the business of tracking off emissions offsetting.

COTI to Deliver Djed StableCoin

There has been a lot of talk about the algorithmic stable coin that IOG has been working on called Djed. It's been a research whitepaper for a while. At the Cardano Summit 2021, it was revealed that COTI, who has been working with Cardano will be the project that is releasing the Djed stable coin for Cardano. Ardana, another DeFi project is also releasing their stable coin for Cardano, the $dUSD token.

The ADAOZ stake pool is also a part of this Ardana Stake Pool Alliance which will be helping with providing staking services to users that use the Ardana ecosystem.

Djed in Egyptian hieroglyphs represents stability.

Caradno Partners with eSports Giant Rival

Many game platforms are looking at tokenising their ecosystems. We've interviews PlayerMint who are creating a play to earn system on their platform and Novellia who were creating a development kit for game developers to be able to build their own ecosystems and integrate them into Cardano.

Rival brings in a huge network of players to take into an NFT metaverse of assets bridging

UBX now running a public stake pool on Cardano

At the Cardano Summit 2021, the announcement of UnionBank being the first regulated financial institution, not only in the Philippines but in the World that is now offering a public stake pool.

Once these larger institutes with huge customer bases and financial power start coming into the ecosystem, we'll start to see them take a larger share in the stake pool ecosystem.

As appealing as decentralisation is, the majority of investors are simply after a return on their investment and convenience of doing so. If a financial institution can offer that to them with a secured staking service, then this is what most people will go for as it isn't much different to what they're already used to.

Overall this is big news for regulated institutions.

Strait Brands

DISH (Digital IDs on Boost’s mobile network) -

Chainlink (oracles for real-time market data)

COTI & Ardana (stable coin crypto-to-fiat payments)

EMURGO has just announced the investment of $100 MILLION for Cardano development


UTXO Alliance

Industry collaboration to drive more innovation within the ecosystem.

Plutus dApp Store Revealed at Cardano Summit 2021

Project Catalyst is Fund 6 is Almost Ready for voting

Please consider voting for the Automated Phishing and Scam Detection tooling proposal presented by Professor Nick Nikifarakis.

Check out the podcast episode all about his project and Cardano scams.

Vote for our project:



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