MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO)

July 19, 2021

The MinSwap team have recently announced their token distribution model called, MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering or FISO for short. We mentioned this in episode 16 of the podcast.

MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering
MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering

This model is set around choosing 25 small stake pools on the network to be a part of their distribution process. Each pool will have a snapshot of delegations that are moved into the pool at this point in time and those delegates will have MinSwap tokens distributed to.

Further to the model, the team have added a logarithmic limit to the distribution of the tokens to users that are delegating to these pools. If a user with a large holding of ADA delegates to one of these pools, their tokens from the MinSwap distribution will be reduced after a certain limit of delegation.

The application deadline for small pools ends on the 26th of July. If you're a small stake pool operator and what to participate as a token distribution pool, please apply via their application form. Not that there are certain requirements in regards to what type of pool will make the cut for the process.

You can find out more about the token distribution strategy on their Medium blog.


3 comments on “MinSwap Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO)”

  1. Is the Minswap deal (free minswap tokens for staking to their suggested small pools) still on despite the Minswap saga a few days ago? I heard you mention Minswap on your recent podcasts. Excellent podcast by the way. My wife currently stakes with you as we are in Australia.

    1. Hey Robert, yeh the MinSwap thing is still on. You just have to delegate to one of their partner pools and you're set. Look for a low saturation pool, and delegate one of your wallets. You will still get your ADA rewards, it will just vary based on the pool's fees and at the end of the staking period, you will get MinSwap tokens distributed to you as well.

      The entire MinSwap saga comes down to an engineering problem that needs to be solved. Different projects have different solutions. MinSwap just opted to release something to be first on Testnet, which is cool, but obviously bought up some other issues that hadn't been addressed yet. It will and should be solved before they launch on Mainnet.

      Other projects such as Meld, Sundaeswap and VyFi have options and possible solutions but haven't shared details about it yet.

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