Complete Cardano Staking Calculator to Determine Rewards When Staking ADA

June 6, 2021

We've put together a Cardano staking calculator to work out clearly how much ADA you will earn as rewards from staking. It is based on a basic compounding interest formula with a monthly contribution to the total delegation and stake.

How to Use Our Cardano Staking Calculator

  • Enter in your initial stake the amount of ADA that you have to stake.
  • Enter in a value of ADA that you would be willing to contribute on a monthly basis.
  • Enter in your pools current return on ADA. On average, you will see most pools offering a return of around 5%.
  • You can also enter the number of years you want to stake your ADA.
  • It's important to also factor in the price of ADA when working out the calculation to determine how much the ADA will be worth based on the current price of ADA.
Enter in your initial amount of ADA you wish to stake.
Additional ADA contributed to your delegation on a monthly basis.
Enter in the previous Return on ADA (ROA)
This is the potential amount of ADA that you will receive after an epoch where a block is created and calculated for distribution.
Enter in the number of years you plan to stake your ADA.
x is the number of years entered in the field above. This value is rounded to 4 decimal places.
This is the return that you get from your investment.

Our calculator doesn't take into account stake pool fees. Please read our full article on understanding stake pool fees.


The Cardano staking calculator is only used as a guide of what you could potentially earn as a reward for being a delegator to a pool. The calculator here is by no means an exact and accurate indication of your return on ADA. Various factors such as a pool's luck factor and performance will affect the pools ability to produce rewards for your delegation. For example, a pool that isn't allocated many blocks will have fluctuating rewards and luck values purely determined by the network. A pool that misses blocks or is not performing as expected may mean you need to move pools.

How Much ADA Do You Need to Live off the Rewards

So how much ADA do you need to retire and live off the returns of your ADA.


Consider Delegating to Our Pool

We're a small, independent single stake pool operator. We've got a long way to go before we are completely self-sufficient and continuously producing blocks for the community. Our stake pool infrastructure costs money and time to support. Search for us with ticker: ADAOZ.

Learn how to delegate to us using Daedalus or delegate with the Yoroi wallets.


2 comments on “Complete Cardano Staking Calculator to Determine Rewards When Staking ADA”

  1. I'm a little confused here. Maybe you could share some resources with me to help better understand.

    Say for example I contribute or "stake" 100 ADA. Thats currently valued at roughly $200USD. If I contributed another 25 ADA monthly (~$50USD) what is a normal expected return? I also might not be understanding the process well enough either based on my question.

    1. Yeh sure here is an example for you.

      Starting with 100 ADA and contributing an extra 25 ADA per month.

      Based on the current rate of return ~5%, you will have 412.0967 ADA at the end of the year.

      This is made up of the first initial 100 ADA that you contributed and the (12 * 25ADA = 300) contributions you added. The amount of return you get from all of that is roughly ~12 ADA.

      If you keep the same plan over 10 years, you will have 4,046.9009 at the end of 10 years and earned roughly 946.9009 in returns on your ADA.

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